Your company excels in its field - focusing on your portfolio, product, or service. Navigating the Department of Defense (DoD) can be a daunting task. DoD as a customer takes on many faces; from the operator in the field, to the capability developer, to the program manager, to the contracting officer and the contracting officer’s representative. Understanding the Operational Environment you are in or about to immerse yourself in is critical, and P11 Consulting is here to guide you. PECON leverages full spectrum DoD experience to educate and advise your staff to assist in solving your complex problems. Additionally, P11 Consulting will help manage

expectations and synchronize your actions with DoD entities. P11 Consulting offers the “proper amount” of involvement based on your needs in relation to your budget - at a cost savings of thousands of dollars less than hiring a full-time staff member; often times less than the cost of an individual’s monthly travel expenses.

From socks to precision guided missiles, P11 Consulting can assist in honing your product roadmap, enhancing your product appeal, putting your product in touch with the right customers, and educating your staff.