1. Outline and communicate either the problem(s) you would like to solve and/or the services you require via the “Contact” page
  2. Schedule a mutual interview to determine best fit between organizations, understand your product or service, identify required travel, refine services required, and determine PECON’s role in meeting your goals
  3. Enter into an agreement to perform tasks required to achieve desired goals*
  4. Let the teamwork begin!

* P11 Consulting client satisfaction is sacrosanct. PECON will not enter into an agreement that is beyond its capacity or capability. P11 Consulting is part of a network of highly capable and effective DoD consultants and will leverage them as necessary and refer you accordingly if required. P11 Consulting will not enter into an agreement that may create a conflict of interest with existing clients. PECON will act as your GPS, compass, and map to gather information and increase your visibility and chances of success but cannot guarantee resultant contracts of any type.